Self-employed. 25+ years' experience.


It's one thing to say what makes your technology so great. It's another thing to get happy customers to say it on your behalf. I can tell those stories. 



I deliver on-brand marketing copy for email campaigns, landing pages, and websites. I'll help your customers connect with the value you provide.



If technical content isn't plainly written and clearly organized, it won't get read or used. Work with me to achieve precision on technical topics.



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Expand on your technology and business value messaging by crafting true stories that connect with your target market.


Customer case studies

Video scripts and other testimonials

Microsoft IT Showcase materials

Think beyond your messaging pillars and product benefits. How have real customers gained advantage from the services and solutions you provide? I use my interviewing, writing, technology, and business experience to write compelling stories that resonate widely with your potential customers.



Get help with short- and longer-form copy writing that illustrates your value proposition and differentiates your brand.

Messaging frameworks

Executive blog posts

E-mail nurture campaigns

Technology landing pages

Industry white papers

I've written high-profile, carefully targeted web and campaign copy to make business advantages come alive for big clients like Microsoft Azure and Intuit, and smaller B2B companies down to just a few people. In every case, I make sure technology vision is tied to real customer needs in ways that capture attention.




Help your developers, administrators, execs, and other users interface productively with the tools you create.


Business workflow documentation

Software developer kits (SDK)

Technology user and admin guides

I describe technology in plain language and make sure the information workers need is easy to locate, consume, and reference for future actions. Most people resist reading because they're too busy, too impatient, or both. Good technical writing makes them happier about doing their job.






Want help bringing your technology value to life? Reach out!


Tel: 206-499-3630

LinkedIn: robertheuer



Hi there. My name is Robert Heuer and I do technical marketing writing as Studio1312 Consulting.


In 1993, I was finishing graduate school, teaching, and trying to pay my student loans. A small local company hired me to write a user guide for $500. I didn't know much about technology, but I could ask questions, I could write, and I could learn as I went along. Later that year, I heard about this thing called the internet, and moved to the west coast where all the exciting stuff seemed to be happening.

In many ways, that's the last thing I can remember.


Since then, my career has been a whirlwind of constantly finding new ways I can apply these skills to help tech companies and organizations connect their business value with customers. Plain language is essential for landing technical concepts. It sounds hokey, but if I didn't think real people were somehow using my words to make their jobs and lives a little better, I'd probably never have come this far.


I'm based in the Seattle area. I've worked for companies of every size, across a wide variety of industries.


Robert and his unofficial office assistant, Indy the Dog.


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